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Will I be able to adapt to my first Progressive lens?

Optometrists often hear the following story after prescribing the first pair of progressive lenses to a patient;

My husband/friend struggled to get used to their progressive lenses and eventually gave up. Won’t the same happen to me?


This is a very good question and the answer is once again simple and at the same time complicated. The simple answer is that you have a 96 % success rate with modern good quality and correctly fitted progressive lens eye ware.

That is an amazing success rate for almost anything that you attempt for the first time!

As I mentioned there is much more to this simple answer.

  1. The patient must deserve to wear progressive lenses.
  2. Progressive lenses need to be the best solution for the patient’s visual problems.
  3. The correct high quality lens must be prescribed.
  4. The spectacle frame must be the correct dimensions to accommodate the various vision areas in the lens.
  5. The frame face fit must be perfect.
  6. The lens must be correctly placed and fitted in the frame to match the patient’s pupils
  7. The Optometrist must have a detailed understanding of the patient’s daily visual tasks.
  8. The patient may require more than one pair of spectacles to fully cover all daily or specialized daily tasks.

So as can be seen from the list, any one or a combination of the above not successfully accounted for can result in a non-adapt to progressive lenses.

Make certain the Optometrist you choose understands the complications of modern Progressive lenses and has the tools to accurately measure the lens and frame with your unique facial features.


A KOKI pen dot on the lens NOT what you want to experience!


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