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Are all progressive lenses equal?

The short answer is no. The long answer is complicated and can best be explained by comparing the different types of lenses to the different types and makes of cars.

Just as you have different vehicle manufacturers and different models from that car company you also get different progressives from different companies and within those companies you get different types of lenses.

As an example; both Zeiss and Seiko manufacture very good quality progressives in a number of different styles and uses.

Most of us know that we are going to pay more for a BMW or Mercedes model car compared to a Tata or Geely. The problem with spectacle lenses is that they are nearly invisible pieces of equipment and cannot easily be visually distinguished from each other like with cars.

Here you need to rely on the honesty and integrity of the Optometrist that is prescribing and making a recommendation to you.

In general, well-known name brands are going to be slightly more costly than no-name brands.

The better the quality of the lens optics and design the more you can expect to pay.

So in general you get what you pay for as in all walks of life.


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