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Why is the VISION DETERIORATING in my child’s eyes?

Can I control the need for my child’s STRONGER spectacles every year?

What you need to know about your child’s Short sighted eyes (Myopia) and the GOOD news.

Modern eye care is advancing at an incredible pace and you need to keep yourself informed on the latest technology that can change your child’s life.


Until fairly recently children with newly diagnosed myopia or progressing myopia were told that there was nothing that the child or parents could do to control the degeneration.

Unfortunately this is still the INCORRECT message that parents are getting in most newly diagnosed cases.

FACT is that we can now CONTROLL MYOPIA and do something about the deterioration of your child’s vision.

This is wonderful news for all patients and parents. The only problem is that the message is not getting to you because it is “new”, “untested” and some of us are reluctant or afraid of changing the status quo.

Luckily all the above reasons are incorrect and there is help.

Myopia control is alive, well and progressing in treatment options and science.

We offer Myopia control to all suitable patents in our office and have been doing Myopia control successfully for 8 years now.

The science of Myopia control stretches back decades now, the knowledge of how and why it works is better understood in the last 15 years and advancements in the field are ongoing.

We offer three types of Myopia control.

Two work with specialized contact lenses, while a third works with specialized spectacle lenses.

In all cases we slow down the progression of your child’s eye condition by about 50 %.

Remember that in the past there was “nothing” we could offer or do for you. So if 50 % sounds a bit low to you, remember it is 50 % better than before!

As science and knowledge improves, this rate could possibly increase to 90 or 100 %

Google Orthokeratology or corneal reshaping lenses for more information.

What can I do today that will cost me nothing?

Studies are showing that getting your child outside and active in outdoor sporting activities can slow down and possibly delay the onset of shortsighted problems.

  1. Take a break from reading, cell phone and computer screens and enjoy outdoor life, it’s good for your vision.
  2. Eat green leafy veggies, Popeye was correct spinach is good for you !
  3. Have your eyes checked regularly to intervene sooner than later.

Keep coming back for updated information on this fascinating topic.

Your eyes deserve the best.


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