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Eye tracking for learning disabilities

Has your child been diagnosed with a learning or reading problem? 

Has nothing you have tried helped?

Ready to give up?

We may have some good news for you!


Eye tracking analysis for learning disability


New computer driven eye tracking technology (The Clinical Eye Tracker) has dramatically improved the accuracy of testing and now provides a objective result comparing normal eye tracking to disabled eye tracking.

The test is easy, non-invasive and reliable.

With this technology we can compare before and after results using various forms of therapy and interventions. We can accurately prove what helps best with any type of reading therapy.

For best practice the testing should take place before any intervention is tried to determine baseline eye movement accuracy during reading. Once we have determined what the cause of the reading problem is, it is much easier to prescribe the correct remedy.

Feeding “rubbish” into the brain via the visual system will unsurprisingly result in “rubbish” coming out.

Do not let your child suffer unnecessary, have them tested today.


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