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Lasik Eye Surgery

It is not unfair to assume that most normal patients would do quite a bit of research and mind searching before committing to an extremely invasive and irreversible procedure like LASIK eye surgery.

The opposite is however true for what happens AFTER the successful process.

The common belief is that now my “eyes are fixed” and I can get along without worrying about my vision and do not need regular eye exams any more.

This is a big misconception and a big mistake that patients make.

All eyes change with age and are not stable over long periods. Your eyes after LASIK change due to aging and as we grow older are still just as likely to develop health problems such as Glaucoma, Retinal degenerations, detachment and Cataracts as well as an increase in dry eye problems after LASIK.

The need for regular EYE EXAMS is in fact, far more important after this type of surgery for the following reasons;

  1. Your eyes will be dryer after LASIK and we need to determine what therapy will work best to relieve the dry eye problems. Dry eye is often a cause of choosing LASIC due to increasing discomfort of wearing contact lenses.
  2. Your eye is still physically short sighted (too long) and that is why you had blurry distance vision. Eyes that are too long have a higher risk of developing Glaucoma, Cataracts and Retinal disease that can only be picked up with a comprehensive eye exam.
  3. You have spent a lot of money to see better, please make certain that those eyes remain healthy as well. LASIC will not make an unhealthy eye healthy and a healthy eye can become unhealthy over time.
  4. Unlike dental problems which most often cause pain and warn you of a problem, the most devastating vision diseases often have no warning pain symptoms.
  5. And then, think about it, you go for routine dental exam’s, just in case! Why not your eyes, after all you probably would never choose your teeth above your eyes or is that exactly what you are doing right now?


I trust that this information will at least get you thinking about your eyes health and at best you will make an appointment to confirm your eyes health.

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