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OCT is the new buzzword in eye care

(Optical Coherence Tomography)

OCT scanning is to vision the equivalent of MRI scanning to the brain and body.

With far better resolution in the 5 micron detail (1000 micron =1 mm)


This new breakthrough vision technology has been a quantum leap in the diagnosis of eye disease and treatment.

Effectively we are now able to do microscopic detail pathology slides in 3D without invasive procedures allowing Optometrists and eye surgeon’s incredible new insight into normal and diseased eyes.


Image of a retina of a normal eye
Image of a retina of a Diabetic eye showing retinal scars

This new technology is effectively the biggest advance in vision and eye treatment in the last 50 years.

Our practice has invested in this technology to bring big city hospital and Eye institute technology to the Secunda area.

What is this technology used for?

  1. The confirmation of eye health at microscopic level with no discomfort or pain in a few seconds. ( The i Health scan)
  2. Detailed examination of the macula to rule out age related eye disease.
  3. Very accurate diagnosis of glaucoma disease.
  4. Scanning of the optic nerve for disease and health.
  5. Corneal disease evaluation and measurement.
  6. Very accurate diabetic ocular disease evaluation and follow up of treatment.

To name some of the most important uses of this technology.

Who should have an i Health scan?

In a perfect world, every person deserves to know how healthy their eyes are.

Please contact the practice for your i Health scan and discuss your eye health concerns with us.

In the past many eye conditions required referral to city hospitals and specialized eye clinics for confirmation of possible treatment or observation.

This came at high cost, travel time and inconvenience. Now the uncertainty of diagnosis can almost be instantly confirmed or relieved.

This technology is evolving so fast that we can now almost instantly visualize blood flow in the eye and retina which required hospitalized invasive procedure such as angiography in the past.

OCT Scan of a Diabetic Retina
Image of a retina of a Diabetic eye showing retinal scars

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