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What sunglass tint is best for me?

Making a sunglass tint choice can be overwhelming and intimidating.

Here are a few basic guidelines on the most popular tints;

Dark grey:

Excellent for bright sunny days with a neutral color effect Making them richer and deeper combined with a polarized option giving

You the best glare protection available.

Light grey:

65% and lighter for lower light conditions where color perception needs to be true and maintained.


High contrast lens that provides color definition and improves depth perception. Very effective in cutting thru blue light which is seen as haze.

Highlights reds and greens. Excellent lens for driving in varying light conditions.


Provides superior contrast and depth perception.

Highlights red and green colors. Perfect for foggy overcast days.


Maintains good color perception and improved contrast compared to grey lenses.

Can be used to enhance vision in both bright and overcast conditions.

A high quality sunglass should always be combined with an anti-glare back surface.


In extremely bright conditions such as beach, snow and desert environments the tint can be combined with a mirror front surface for enhanced protection.

Polarized lenses – cut the glare and make colours brighter

Lens Without Polarization
Lens with Polarization

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