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Colour vision and its importance in young children.

Very few parents ever consider that a colour vision defect may be causing learning problems in young children.

Thinking about how different colours play an important role in early learning and you may suddenly get the importance of a colour vision defect.

Approximately 1 in 12 boys have some sort or colour vision defect and 1 in 200 girls.The most common defects are in the Red/Green and Blue/Yellow spectrums.

The most accurate diagnosis is from an optometrist, the test for colour vision is routinely performed during a comprehensive eye exam. We use the standard Ishihara colour vision test as a base to determine any basic colour vision defects and if required a more detailed computer driven examination is performed for exact results. There are currently specialized spectacle lenses that may help improve colour perception in certain individuals

In a perfect world no child should be sent to school before having and passing a comprehensive eye exam.

The principle of feeding “rubbish” into your brain will result in “rubbish” out.

Due to a large population that has lack of access to professional eye exams an organization named; decided to produce a fantastic children’s book (The curious eye) that has the ability to screen for colour vision defects. You can view and download the book by clicking the button below.

Should you suspect that your child may have a colour vision problem please contact our office for more comprehensive information.

Want to know more about The Curious Eye?

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