Colour vision in Children

Colour vision and its importance in young children. Very few parents ever consider that a colour vision defect may be causing learning problems in young children. Thinking about how different colours play an important role in early learning and you may suddenly get the importance of a colour vision defect. Approximately 1 in 12 boys […]

Your eyes during lockdown

We care about your eyes during lockdown The outbreak of COVID-19 has made the home the centre for working, learning and socialising from a distance. Companies have enabled systems to allow employees to work remotely, parents are homeschooling children, and people are staying connected to the world by being online. This new way of living […]

OCT the new buzzword in eye care

OCT is the new buzzword in eye care (Optical Coherence Tomography) OCT scanning is to vision the equivalent of MRI scanning to the brain and body. With far better resolution in the 5 micron detail (1000 micron =1 mm)   This new breakthrough vision technology has been a quantum leap in the diagnosis of eye […]

What sunglass tint is best for me?

What sunglass tint is best for me? Making a sunglass tint choice can be overwhelming and intimidating. Here are a few basic guidelines on the most popular tints; Dark grey: Excellent for bright sunny days with a neutral color effect Making them richer and deeper combined with a polarized option giving You the best glare […]

Kids learning difficulties

Helping the child that struggles academically at school from the perspective of a developmental Optometrist. There are countless reasons why children struggle with school work. We will be focusing on the VISUAL system and the role it plays in learning, reading and academic achievement. There are at least two very important categories to deal with; […]

Are all progressive lenses equal?

Are all progressive lenses equal? The short answer is no. The long answer is complicated and can best be explained by comparing the different types of lenses to the different types and makes of cars. Just as you have different vehicle manufacturers and different models from that car company you also get different progressives from […]

Adapting to multifocals

Will I be able to adapt to my first Progressive lens? Optometrists often hear the following story after prescribing the first pair of progressive lenses to a patient; My husband/friend struggled to get used to their progressive lenses and eventually gave up. Won’t the same happen to me?   This is a very good question […]

Do you suffer from Dry Eyes?

Do you suffer from Dry Eyes? Have you noticed that more people are complaining about dry eyes? Well they may not specifically be complaining about a dry eye, however they may have the following symptoms; Irritated eyes, Red eyes, Teary eyes, Itchy eyes, Tired eyes, Blurry eyes   This may occur at any time during […]

Eye tracking for learning disabilities

Eye tracking for learning disabilities Has your child been diagnosed with a learning or reading problem?  Has nothing you have tried helped? Ready to give up? We may have some good news for you!   Eye tracking analysis for learning disability   New computer driven eye tracking technology (The Clinical Eye Tracker) has dramatically improved […]

Advanced Contact Lens Fitting

Advanced Contact Lens Fitting What is this all about and what does this mean? Most contact lens wearers have easy to fit eyes and do very well with monthly disposable contact lenses. What about those who have been told that they cannot be fitted with contact lenses or that there are no contact lenses available […]